Peace or Drama

I am so proud to be part of an amazing music and art project featuring Nashville singer/songwriter Eve Fleishman. In her most recent CD "Peace or Drama" Eve weaves together elements of smoky jazz, motowny pop, showtunes and even a dab of country folk.

For this new project, she has embarked on a unique journey with music and art. Eve enlisted 13 different artists to interpret her 13 original songs through painting. I was lucky enough to be chosen, and assigned my favorite song, "Van Gogh Heard". The finished painting is shown below. Although the background is painted with acrylic, I constructed Van Gogh out of layers of modern wallpaper. This was my subtle way of putting an Interior Designer's spin on it.


Eve is now on a year-long tour performing concerts along with the art exhibit. Please visit Eve's website to learn more about her, and click on "Art Project" to see all of the paintings and hear the accompanying songs.

Hope you enjoy!