Louis, Louis

When I was in design school, I took two classes covering the history of furnishings. It was NOT for sissies - having to learn all of the styles associated with every period throughout history was really tough! But in the process, I learned to appreciate styles that I had never given a second thought to.

One style in particular is the French Louis XV. In this period everything was curvilinear, and designed with lightness and grace. The scale is delicate, as opposed to the very massive previous style of Louis XIV. This style is commonly used in today's homes. Its shape and size are very practical, and is one of the favorites among designers.

Although in most cases we see this style in traditional homes, there are many designers that love to work with traditional styles in modern ways. For example: upholstering chairs in modern or fun fabrics, or recreating the style in a new medium. I have come to love these "reinventions" of the classics, and will love sharing them with you as I find them. 

Here are some fantastic examples of Louis XV Fauteuil chairs, updated for today's buyers: 


The first, called the Louis Ghost Chair, is my favorite. It is designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell, and sells for around $410. There's even a kid-sized one aptly named the "Little Lou Lou". 
The ghost chair comes in clear, but is also offered in a variety of other hues. Of course, there are knock-offs priced at $130 and up, which will still look great - and no one will know you are on a tight budget.

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