Top 10 best billing software for your business

Choosing a software that allows you to make invoices easily and quickly is an important decision, it is a tool that you will use in the long term, it will allow you to automate tasks and therefore save time. So that you can choose the invoicing software that best suits your needs, we have selected the 10 most used invoicing programs today and the keys to be able to answer which is the best invoicing software for your company.

What is invoicing software?

Invoicing software is a software tool used to manage the issuance, tracking and control of invoices. This tool allows users to record and store billing data, as well as perform billing and accounting operations. Invoicing software is used to automate and simplify the invoicing process, which saves companies time and money.

What is the best invoicing software?

The best invoicing software is the one that allows you to easily keep up to date the invoicing of a company as well as have visibility of revenues and expenses, so you can evaluate and boost your company's profits. It is important to have data to make business decisions.

Invoicing and accounting management in an SME is much more complex than that of a freelancer. That is why it is not enough to keep the invoicing of a company in an Excel sheet, we need tools that allow us to have all the information organized, available and accessible from any device.

Invoicing software for freelancers

The biggest beneficiaries of web invoicing software are freelancers, in general they have a smaller budget and web invoicing programs allow you to save a lot of money to devote to other areas of the business, optimize time and achieve maximum efficiency.

Keys to choose the best invoicing software

Functionality: from recording expenses to issuing invoices, estimates, delivery notes and multi-currency invoices, the program must meet the needs of the business and be simple and intuitive to use.
Accessibility: nowadays it is essential to be able to access your documents from wherever you want is vital for the business.

Data migration: it must allow importing and exporting data to facilitate data analysis and sharing.
Security: programs must be secure as they contain confidential information, so it is important that they are hosted on https servers, have anti-malware etc.

Invoicing software for companies

Let's see which are the most used invoicing programs for a company.


Quipu is an online invoicing software for companies that allows you to manage invoicing in an easy and comfortable way.

In order to facilitate the entry of tickets and invoices, Quipu has an income and expense reader that allows you, by taking a photo of the document, to upload your company's tickets and invoices without having to enter the data one by one.

It has an analytics module that allows you to group your income and expenses so that you can visualize them by projects, and they have the banking part ready so that you can create remittances and make the bank reconciliation in a couple of clicks.

The invoicing program is available for computer, mobile (Android and Ios) or tablet, so you can manage and create your company's invoices from wherever and whenever you want.

In addition to the invoicing software, Quipu allows you to include your company's accountant in the software, so you can be advised at all times and receive monthly accounting reports. It offers several rates, starting at 12€.


FacturaDirecta allows you to manage your company's invoices and budgets. The program allows you to include the base of customers and suppliers so you can have all the information of your contacts in the software, stored securely in the cloud.

Through a system of suggestions, the online invoicing software allows you to make the bank reconciliation in a simpler way, so you can keep an exhaustive control of the status of collection and payment of your company's invoices.

If you have your company's invoicing stored in the cloud, you can use the integration that FacturaDirecta has with Google Drive and import all your company's invoicing in one click.

They offer the invoicing software from 10€ per month, and offer the multi-device option, so you can manage and access the invoicing whenever you want, even outside the office.


Debitoor is an invoicing software for SMEs that allows you to easily manage your company's invoicing. With Debitoor, you can create customizable invoices, quotes and delivery notes to send to your customers.

The invoicing software provides features to keep your business up to date, organize your income and expenses and even create credit notes easily so you can correct your invoices in one click.

It offers options to be able to do bank reconciliation, directly importing the bank statement of the account you want to reconcile for it, and you're done.

If you have an online store, you should know that it integrates with Woocomerce, so you can keep the billing of your online store up to date. It offers plans starting at 4€ per month.


In case you also want to manage your company's accounting and invoicing, Anfix is the software that 
will allow you to manage both areas in the most efficient way.

In addition to streamlining the management of invoices, the invoicing and accounting program provides the module to manage accounting books and annual accounts, as well as to generate financial statements and tax forms, such as corporate income tax.

In addition, so you can always be up to date with what is happening in the company, Anfix has a notification system that allows you to have visibility of the status of invoices, so you can access the updated information of your company's accounts.

Anfix automates from the scanning of tickets and invoices, through the mobile application, which is approved by the Tax Agency, as well as the connection with banks, so you can easily make the bank reconciliation.

Whether you have stock or work by projects, Anfix invoicing software for SMEs has a module so you can control the inventory and a project organizer, so you can associate each of the expenses to each project and know the status of them.

Anfix invoicing and accounting software has plans for freelancers and companies. For the company, you will find the invoicing program for SMEs from 15,80€.


Billage is an invoicing software that focuses on simplifying the administration of SMBs. The billing software helps the company to manage the entire billing cycle, from invoice creation, to invoice sending and collection, thanks to its integration with Paypal.

Billage makes available as well as offers bank reconciliation and remittance creation options, so you can have all your company's information organized in the invoicing software.

In addition to the invoicing module, Billage provides two other modules so that you can keep track of your company's projects and sales (through a CRM), so that you have full visibility of what is happening in the business.

In case you have stock, Billage will help you by providing inventory management. It also has a mobile version, so you can upload your company's tickets. It offers a free billing software plan.


Factusol invoicing software specializes in the commercial management of your company, focusing on the stock management of your business so you can keep control of your inventory and improve sales.

With Factusol you will be able to generate your company's invoices from the delivery notes, so as soon as the customer approves the delivery note, you will be able to generate the corresponding invoice in one click. Another of the facilities of Factusol is that it facilitates the management of receipts and remittances so you can keep a good management of collections and payments to customers and suppliers.

In addition to the cloud version, Factusol offers a downloadable version of the program that integrates with Microsoft Office. It offers different monthly and annual payment plans, so you can choose the option that best suits your company.


Contasimple provides a solution to the three areas of the company, invoicing, accounting and taxes, so you can increase business productivity.

In addition, this invoicing software for SMEs makes it easier for you to manage your business outside your office. Contasimple includes a payment processing solution, iZette, a card reader that works with Bluetooth so you can charge your customers from your credit card.

The invoicing software is also available for mobile, tablet and has a PC version, so you can have visibility and manage your company's invoices from anywhere.

For those who work in the office and send invoices will be interested to know that Contasimple makes available electronic signature on invoices, so that your customers can sign them easily. It has a free basic plan that includes a part of its functionalities.


Billin is an invoicing program that allows you to save time in the management of your invoices as well as to share the information directly with your advisor.

The idea of Billin is to facilitate all the invoicing tasks of companies, to have all the documentation centralized and ordered, so that you can share all the invoicing with your advisor in a simple way.

Billin offers the software with both monthly and annual plans for SMEs, with plans starting at 6€ per month.


Many companies will already have A3 accounting software to keep the company's accounts. That is why A3 also offers the A3factura solution, so that you can centralize the administration of your business.

The main advantage of using A3factura invoicing software is that while you generate invoices in the software, the accounting entries are generated automatically, so that you always have the information available to generate different accounting reports, such as the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the trial balance, among others.

A3's business invoicing software offers plans starting at €9.95 per month, as well as a one-month trial period.


Sage50Cloud is Sage's invoicing software for SMEs, the accounting software for businesses.

In addition to the management of invoicing and accounting, Sage helps you with the commercial management of the company, as it makes available features to keep track of stock. That is why Sage50Cloud adapts to various sectors, from retail to wholesale, including the service sector.

Through the Bank Communication module, the invoicing software allows you to streamline bank management and automate the generation of accounting entries. If your headache is keeping your accounting up to date, Sage helps you with that, so you can easily account for revenues and expenses and keep business analytics up to date with reports that let you see the difference between initial estimates and reality.

Sage50Cloud is ready to keep your SME's invoicing and accounting up to date. You can purchase Sage50Cloud for the company from two different payment methods, monthly or yearly.

Benefits of using an invoicing program

Many companies still do their business invoicing from an Excel spreadsheet. Replacing Excel with an invoicing program will allow us to gain time and efficiency, which will be reflected in the company's productivity.

All billing information is always up to date and always available
  • Greater visibility of the state of the business
  • More time to dedicate to the business
  • All the information stored securely and always available.
  • Easy sharing of information with the company's advisor