How to convert your photos from ORF to AI

ORF files are often used by photographers to a certain extent. However, when it comes to processing images intensively or passing them on, one soon reaches the limits of what is possible. If you also have this problem, here is a solution. If you already wanted to convert ORF to AI but lacked the instructions, your search is over now. But before that, we will go into more detail about both file formats, ORF and AI, with a brief description.

What is an ORF image file?

The ORF image format is the official file format for digital images created from shots taken with an Olympus camera. The abbreviation ORF stands for Olympus Raw Image File. These files have limited editing and sharing capabilities because they are very difficult to access and very large. The best way to edit them is with the Olympus Viewer program, the official software from Olympus. Usually, users convert an ORF file to another format when they want to edit it intensively.

What is an AI image file?

AI image formats are official file types used by the popular Adobe Illustrator design software. AI images use vector graphics, where the entire image is created by meshing different pixels. The image dimensions can be changed completely, so there is no loss of quality when scaling down. AI files are most commonly used for creating digital brand images, such as logos.

Different methods of converting ORF to AI

There are two ways to convert ORF files to AI files. The first way is suitable for users who want to convert only a few files. It is a browser-based method where only single files can be uploaded and downloaded instead of large amounts of files.

All that is required is a working internet connection and enough hard drive space for the new AI file. I advise using Convertio for this procedure because it is easy to use and downloads very quickly.

The second approach requires more hard disk space, but not such a fast Internet connection. System-based conversion is done with a program that the user must install on his computer beforehand.

Here, large amounts of image files can now be converted simultaneously and without Internet access. For this purpose, Filestar, a simple, unobtrusive tool for less tech-savvy users, is recommended.

What are the main reasons for converting ORF to AI?

ORF files have very limited usability in their original form. They can only be edited in a basic way with the Olympus Viewer. In addition, the file format cannot be opened by most users without third-party software (or a custom conversion!).

This is not a big problem if you want to keep the ORF file unchanged and not pass it on. But if you want to get more out of your pictures, you may well find this circumstance annoying.

AI images offer users a real alternative here. In AI format, users could edit their images much more extensively and effectively. They could also create a digital project that includes their original ORF image. Moreover, the conversion also makes it easier to share the image.

Now you know two ways to convert ORF to AI. Take advantage of the different ways to share your images or include them in important projects.