Cloud Gestion: increase your company's productivity and efficiency

A business is a project that requires large doses of energy, creativity, and above all time, a lot of time. The tasks and duties that we are obliged to carry out while running a business are infinite and of a very different nature: invoicing, accounting, human resources, product creation, commercial work, advertising and marketing, etc.

Probably, the tasks related to the administration of a business are the most tedious and least interesting for most people. The reality is that no matter how much we hate this part of our job, it is something that has to be done.

The main problem we tend to face is that these types of tasks take up a lot of our time; valuable time that we could be spending on other areas of our business that really matter to us and that could help us scale our business.

The good news is that there is a way to streamline all those processes related to the administration and management of our company since Cloud Gestion is a simple and intuitive cloud invoicing tool.

Do you want to know a little more about this excellent invoicing software with which you will save time and money?

What is Cloud Gestion

Cloud Gestion is a cloud billing software that allows us to perform a multitude of management tasks in a simple way, through an intuitive user interface and very easy to use.

The most attractive thing about Cloud Gestion is that it is a tool that will serve us, mainly, to save time, which indirectly will also save money.

After all, time is money in an emerging business, so if you want to dedicate more hours of your day to other more impactful areas, this software is one of the best investments you can make.

But that's not all, because thanks to all the modules and tools included in the program you will be able to have all the data and information related to your business sorted and always at hand. In fact, Cloud Gestion software has a cloud storage system, so you can consult all your files wherever you are.

As if that were not enough, in the Pro version you will have the possibility to work as a team and include other members in your Cloud Gestion account. In this way, your administrative employees, technicians, operators, etc... can access the parts or sections that you consider appropriate, and thus work in a synchronized and effective way. For example, an administrator can access invoices, budgets, purchases, etc.; while a technician who visits customers can only access work parts, where he can register his tasks, or deliver a ticket to the customer during his visit.

What functions does it include?

This is undoubtedly one of the most complete business management software on the market. Although its main attraction lies in the ease of creating invoices in a few seconds, its functionalities do not end there:

Sales: in this module you can manage your list of customers, add their data, group invoices according to their nature or make all kinds of documents such as invoices, delivery notes and budgets. But the advantages don't end there; with Cloud Gestion you won't need to download these documents to your computer, since you can send them directly from the application itself with just one click. It also contains a tracking module to see the collection status of all your outstanding invoices.

Purchases: in this section you can manage everything related to your purchases, such as suppliers' data, all the invoices and estimates they send you, their payment status, etc.

Personnel and human resources: manage all your employees' data and documents, such as payroll payments, Social Security, confidential information, etc.

Warehouse: if your business consists of selling physical products, this module will be very useful because you will be able to keep an exhaustive control of all the stock in your warehouse. This way, you will always know what is left in stock and if you need to order more from your suppliers. On the other hand, if you are in the service business, you can also have a virtual warehouse and control how much each one of them invoices as well as all the data related to their performance.

Administration: one of the most interesting aspects of Cloud Gestion is that all its services and the control panel are customizable according to the needs of each business. In this way, you can control at all times what is being viewed in your configuration panel as well as the permissions of the users who connect.

Reports: by having all the information regarding your purchases, sales and invoicing, the Cloud Gestion program is able to make balance sheets of your business in a matter of seconds just by selecting the period you want to analyze. The software also allows you to draw graphs to be able to visually see how your business is performing.

Final conclusions about Cloud Gestion

After having dived into the various modules and features of this online invoicing application, we must recognize that we are facing one of the most complete and intuitive business management programs that exist today in the market.

Not only that, but it is a tool specially conceived with one main objective in mind: to help companies in their productivity and efficiency by developing management tools that perform tasks in seconds that could take hours to do on our own.

In this sense, Cloud Gestion is an investment that every SME, self-employed or large company should consider making. It is true that it is a paid application, but the value proposition offered with all its tools and modules more than compensates any monetary investment we can make.

In short, a business management software that meets the demands and challenges of the current moment, in which time is undoubtedly the most valuable asset for a business.