CRM interfaces for CAS genesisWorld - More efficiency with SMC OpenServer

Do you use the genesisWorld CRM system from CAS and would like to link it via interface with other programs such as your ERP system, your Ecommerce merchandise management system, DMS or other systems?

Then you have come to the right place! In this article, you will learn how our specially developed SMC OpenServer solution can be used to transfer data between any system and your CRM genesisWorld.

We will also show you examples of the benefits of integration for your company in detail and exactly how implementation works.

What is a CRM interface for CAS genesisWorld?

A CRM interface is the seamless connection of CRM to existing business software solutions. The goal is to enable access to all data at any time where it is needed.

In contrast to an integration, with an interface the two programs remain as separate entities. By using the interface as a "common language", only a bridge is built between the two systems.

Depending on the requirements, interfaces to various softwares can be realized - no matter whether customer data, merchandise management or ERP system - a suitable CRM interface makes it possible.

What are the advantages of a CRM interface for the CAS genesisWorld system?

In most modern companies, it is impossible to imagine everyday business without the use of business software solutions. The use of different types of systems makes it possible to digitize business processes in detail. But when many programs are used at the same time, completely new problems can also arise - mostly when data has to be transferred between the systems "somehow".

Work steps may have to be performed repeatedly, errors occur and a comprehensive overview of all business processes is almost impossible.

Therefore, a solution is needed that allows central access to the data of all programs and enables data exchange between different systems: A real interface - instead of error-prone import and export processes!

The biggest advantages of a reliable interface include:

More productive & efficient work - With a CRM interface, you get a system that meshes like gears. Cross-system and seamless access to all data will make it easier for you to respond to your customers' needs quickly and in a targeted manner. Streamlined business processes ensure shorter throughput times and minimized effort, especially when several departments are working together.

Cost reduction - More efficient data management also ensures a significant reduction in costs for your company, especially in the IT area.

Unified program - The CRM interface does away with isolated solutions that only work within their own boundaries. Compatibility instead of isolated systems!

More security - A manual migration is often prone to errors, a manual reconciliation causes workload and also errors, which hinders important processes and results in lost sales. A CRM interface can counteract these problems and provides more security in your program infrastructure.

Optimized reporting - Since all information is available live at any time and from anywhere, extensive reporting options are available. This provides you with valuable information about the status of your business from which you can make important business decisions.

What is SMC OpenServer? Our specially developed CRM interface for CAS genesisWorld

With SMC OpenServer we have developed our own solution to migrate your data from or into CAS genesisWorld from almost any system. Many interfaces are already available or we already have experience with the respective systems.

No matter which setup you use - we will find an individual solution for you! We help you to perform an integration to create a system without gaps. Because only then will your CRM system be able to deliver the desired results in the long term and support you in the best possible way in your company activities.

Benefit from our many years of know-how in the field, which we have built up through numerous projects in the past.

Unleash new potential with the help of a CRM interface for CAS genesisWorld.

The advantages of a suitable CRM interface are numerous. As described above, a uniform concept enables more productive and efficient work and helps to reduce costs.

Errors can be minimized and extensive reporting can be created in an uncomplicated manner. However, in addition to these advantages from which you can profit directly, there are other possibilities and doors that are opened to you with an integration!

Not only can existing processes be implemented more efficiently and thus optimized in everyday life. There are also new opportunities for the digitalization of your company. For example, data from your production can be linked directly in the CRM system with tasks, for example to trigger a reorder from the manufacturer in time. There are no limits to the possibilities across industries.

Together with our customers and partners, we specialize in thinking outside the box and identifying potential. Are you ready?

Arrange a free consultation with our experts now to analyze your systems and processes.
If you are looking for a suitable CRM interface for your CAS genesisWorld, you can now learn more about the possibilities during a free consultation. We will also be happy to delve deeper into your system infrastructure.

We will take a look at your existing processes and discuss possible solutions with you, as well as the costs and time required for implementation. Many interfaces are already ready to use and can be implemented cost-effectively!