CRM in mechanical engineering & plant construction - advantages for your company and first steps

"If you don't move with the times, you move with the times." As harsh as this sentence may sound, there is a lot of truth to it. Companies that do not adapt to the constantly growing demands in your industry will find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the competition in the long term.

One point that is also becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry is the topic of digitalization - especially in the area of customer acquisition. Those who manage to always win new customers for themselves and strengthen existing customer relationships will continue to endure. A tool that can ideally support companies at this point is a CRM system. However, many small and medium-sized companies still use Excel lists or simply have no system at all!

CRM - What is it anyway, how can your mechanical engineering & plant construction company benefit from it and what is important when selecting it?

In this article you will get simple answers to these important questions!

CRM in mechanical engineering - What is it? (Definition)

Customer Relationship Management (abbreviated to "CRM") refers to the focus of companies on their customers and the development of corresponding programs that support them in managing and structuring their customer relationships.

The range of functions varies from vendor to vendor and depends on a company's requirements for the system. The core functions of a CRM for engineering companies include:
  • Contact management - managing contact data and storing contact history.
  • Production & delivery - product development, monitoring of deliveries in purchasing and sales
  • Project planning - management of current projects incl. responsibilities in resource planning
  • Quotation management - storage and preparation of quotations with central documentation
  • Lead management - capture and qualification of potential customers
  • Task management and project management - automation of sales processes
  • Reporting - preparation and evaluation of sales activities
  • Appointment planning - cross-company storage and display of appointments
The functions mentioned above are also of great importance in the everyday life of mechanical engineering companies. There are special systems that are geared towards the mechanical engineering sector or are particularly suitable for this sector due to their range of functions.

Here you will find an overview and comparison of the best CRM systems for medium-sized companies in Germany.

How can mechanical engineering companies benefit from a CRM solution?

Almost any company with customer contact can benefit from a CRM solution, regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates.

But mechanical engineering companies in particular can benefit from numerous advantages when they introduce a CRM system.

Increased transparency and predictability - Mechanical engineering companies in particular rely on a certain degree of predictability. The use of a CRM provides increased transparency, enabling companies to accurately estimate their needs and make decisions based on them. This avoids bottlenecks or overstocking.

Centralized customer management - Uniform insight into customer relationships within a company can also ensure a higher business closing rate. You get an overview of all phone calls, contracts and correspondence at any time. Chronologically created customer files ensure professional customer care.

Processes for production and delivery - CRM functions such as process management are particularly relevant in mechanical engineering. Which employee is responsible for monitoring delivery dates? Which resources are required for production? The most important processes can be represented as a workflow in your CRM solution.

More productive & efficient work - Thanks to the more structured workflows, you can achieve much greater efficiency in various areas of your company. Important data for marketing or project management, for example, can be obtained quickly and at the push of a button.

What distinguishes a good CRM software in mechanical engineering?

If you have decided to use CRM software in your mechanical engineering company, then there are a few points that you should pay attention to when selecting it.

Interfaces to other systems - Especially in mechanical and plant engineering, many systems are often used in parallel. Therefore, make sure that the CRM you select can be easily networked with other systems.

Ease of use - To ensure that your employees use the system on a daily basis, it is important to have a clear user interface and intuitive usability.

Customization options - No two companies are alike! Therefore, make sure that your CRM solution can be tailored to your individual needs.

How to find the perfect CRM system for your engineering company

So you need a system that is tailored exactly to your needs. Only then will it serve your individual processes and deliver real added value. But how do you find such a CRM solution?

1. determine the status quo of your company

Before you even get an overview of the different providers on the market, you should first of all determine and document your status quo. What processes are currently taking place in your mechanical engineering company? What is your focus? How much are you willing to invest in your new CRM system?

2. analyze individual needs and processes

Then you should specify your requirements for the CRM system. What do you - and especially your employees - expect from a CRM system?

3. select a provider

Only then are you ready to select a suitable provider that can meet your requirements. We will be happy to support you in selecting the best CRM solution for you - and we will also be happy to carry out the entire implementation for you!

Recommended alternative: Hire a full-service provider

If you want to make the selection process easier for yourself, you can also hire a full-service provider to assist you with consulting, introduction, and also implementation.

Thanks to their many years of experience, full-service providers know exactly what is important and where the stumbling blocks lie. As an outsider, you can also best assess your situation objectively and without bias.

Our customers particularly appreciate us for our many years of understanding of the industry, which makes working with us even easier and more successful for you!

Conclusion: Get to know us and decide for a more efficient & successful future!

As you can see, a CRM in mechanical engineering can make a significant contribution to a more productive everyday working life.

In order for your company to also benefit optimally from a CRM system, it is crucial that it really fits your company.

Therefore, work out your needs, for example, within the framework of a CRM specification sheet (with free template here) or get professional support in choosing a suitable CRM software solution for mechanical engineering companies. As a true full-service provider, we are there for you from consulting to technical implementation and advise you on the selection process and subsequent implementation.