Cuppa Joe?

My blog is going to cover all types of design, art, beauty and anything that just makes me happy. Today's post is a good example.

This morning we had some amazing new coffee that my brother Josh gave us as a gift. It is the Zappia Family Espresso from Drew's Brews Hand Roasted Coffee in Nashville, TN. If you are a coffee lover, check out their website, and order a pound (or two)!
To make the experience even better, I had my coffee in the diner style mug that I bought at Crema Coffee in Nashville back in August.

I love the old diner style coffee cups, and collect them as I find pieces that interest me. I have a few Homer Laughlin cups that I love, although they don't hold quite enough coffee to satisfy.

I also have my a few pieces of my Grandma's old pink Harmony House Melmac in the "Catalina" style, probably made early to mid 1960's. I don't use them often, but just looking at them brings happy memories.

That's all for this snowy day. Keep warm!