Take a Look Around

Sometimes good design is more about taking away than adding to a space. When selling a home, in most cases, a good agent will tell you to clear out 50% of accessories in each room. Take half of the objects off of the bookshelves, off the accent tables, out of the curios, etc. Buyers don't want to see clutter. We all need to do this every few years. It keeps things fresh and gives a cleaner, more open look to each room.

It's so easy to forget what you have! You'll be surprised at the things you've forgotten about simply because they have been in the same spot for so long, they become a fixture that you don't "see" anymore. Like the gift from Aunt Sally that was never really your taste, but you felt guilty not putting it on display. Or the wooden goose with the country blue bow around it's neck from 1982. Take your time, and walk through your home looking at everything. If you don't love it, or even like it, remove it and pack it in a box for Goodwill. You'll feel better, and you'll get a tax write-off to boot. If you can't bear to give away a sentimental item, put in a closet until Aunt Sally comes to visit.

It's your home. Fill it with the things that make you happiest :)