Top 10 must-have sales software for your company

Sales Software

In order to improve a company's sales, it is essential to maintain the organization of contacts. Having tools that facilitate the management of sales opportunities is essential to ensure the good state of the business and increase the number of customers in the company.

Does your company need a sales program?

If you are looking to increase the performance of your business, having a sales program is an ideal option. You will be able to customize and adapt the sales stages and you will be able to ensure that the team follows the desired protocol. On the other hand, you will see the interactions of the sales cycle and you will be able to reduce costs while increasing sales.

Sales software

Let's take a look at the sales software you should consider if you want to improve your team's efficiency. All of them complement each other so that you can improve efficiency in all phases of the sales process.


Hubspot is a software that allows you to improve lead management for your business. This sales program has features that allow you to streamline processes and detect sales opportunities easily, centralizing all the information in the software.

From a very intuitive interface, the sales team will be able to have visibility over customers as well as access information about each of them. From the same contact, each agent will be able to add notes, information or actions to be taken in order to manage the customer's account properly.

Other options offered by the CRM software market for the company are Zoho CRM, Salesforce or Suma CRM. All these sales programs allow you to maintain organization in the team and improve the efficiency of the actions performed for each customer.


Mixmax is a sales software that allows you to improve the productivity of your team. This sales software includes features to streamline communication between the company and the prospect.

It is one of the most useful email marketing tools, as it includes features to track emails or automate email chains, as well as facilities to schedule meetings with customers. This sales software synchronizes with other sales tools so that you can streamline customer management in the company.


Every sales team needs sales software that allows them to streamline communication with customers. In order to maintain a good communication line, it is important to have a call center software.

Neotel is a sales software that allows to optimize the communication between salesperson and customer. The program is in charge of optimizing the internal management of calls, fulfilling the functions of a switchboard.

In addition to call management, the program allows the sales team to record the different calls in order to analyze them and work on the pitch. In the same way, from the statistics collected, the team manager can evaluate the individual work of each agent to improve the performance of the department.


To maintain a good organization in the sales team it is essential to have a task manager that allows you to know the actions to be performed, so that no potential customer is left unattended.

Monday is a sales software that allows you to improve sales flow and teamwork efficiency. The program allows you to centralize sales processes on a single platform, so you can have visibility of what is happening in the team. In addition to automating steps, the platform allows you to create the flow with your own CRM. The sales software integrates with other sales tools so you can improve business performance.


Zoom is a sales software for video conferencing. This software allows you to make video calls with prospects, so you can improve communication with potential customers.

In addition to online meetings, this sales software also includes webinar functionality, so you can organize informative webinars about your products. In case there are several participants, Zoom allows you to organize a conference room, which can be attended by several people at the same time.

In addition to establishing communication with customers, the program allows you to share the screen so that you can display information of interest to the user. In this way, you can provide quality information to improve the management of sales opportunities.


Bitrix24 sales software that allows you to improve efficiency in your team. Bitrix24 organizes information in CRM format, so that sales agents can have visibility into contact information. This sales software centralizes contact information and documents that have been sent to them, so you can improve the efficiency of the company's sales process.

The program also serves as a task manager so that you can improve the internal organization of the company. It has functionalities that facilitate internal team communication, so that processes can be accelerated.


Signaturit is a program that allows you to perform electronic signatures for businesses. This sales software streamlines the signing of documents so you can improve the customer's experience in signing documents and maintain legal security.

In addition to taking care of the electronic signature, Signaturit takes into account your company's branding, so you can maintain the branding in your documents, templates or emails, which you can customize.

It includes options so you can define the types of sending depending on who has the subject of the document. In addition to sending a document individually, you can define sending to several signatories at once or to several signatories sequentially. In this way, everyone in the company will be able to receive the document at the right time to sign it.

From the analysis, you will be able to detect the points that slow down the process and establish measures to speed up these actions. Therefore, it is an essential software for sales, since it acts in the most delicate moment of the process, the signing of the contract or the signing of confidential documents. Signaturit integrates with other sales tools, so you can improve document management and contract signing for the sales team.

What you get with a sales program

We can reduce sales errors, processes are simplified, there is a significant time savings for both the company and customers, thanks to the time savings customers trust the company more and loyalty increases. Inventory control is improved in real time, sales reports are generated automatically and the company's profits increase.